The Team

Dr. Michael Zusman is an experienced entrepreneur, with a rich history of establishing crystal growing factories in USA and Eastern Europe.


Dr. Michael Zusman

Ph.D. in Applied Physics (MHD), has published more than 20 articles in scientific journals and has a few registered patents to his name.

Dr. Zusman is a long-time scientist and entrepreneur in various optics, electro-optics and precise mechanics fields.




Ms. Alissa Kvyat

M.B.A in Organizational Behavior, Ms. Kvyat joined The Company in 2011 as Marketing and Logistics Manager, taking on more and more development opportunities in order to maximize The Company’s full potential in various areas. Today, Ms. Kvyat serves as a board member of The Manufacturers Association of Israel.


Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group

Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group owns and manages commercial real estate, solar energy stations, Sapphire crystals growth and manufacturing, as well as government-supported research and development projects. Recently, Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group received a grant of $400,000 from The Government to complete the R&D project of Sapphire growth.

Among its various investments, Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group has released its very own wine – a dream come true for the two entrepreneurs. The wine was produced according to fine French tradition in a private cellar in Omer High-Tech Park, Israel. Every bottle is marked and numbered.

The origin of the wine's name is a Hebrew word which means ‘Jewels’, and the five letters that make up the Hebrew word are derived from the names of Michael’s daughters and Alex’s sons: Adi, Amit, Daniel, Yonatan and Michal

Advanced Crystal Technologies Ltd. – A Crystal Growing Company

Advanced Crystal Technologies Ltd., a new subsidiary of Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group, is a crystal growing company. The Company is partially owned by American investors (25%).

Recently, Advanced Crystal Technologies Ltd. received a grant of $4,750,000 from The Government to create a new Israeli corporation for growing of bulk Sapphire crystals, using 15 growing machines, based on Kyropoulos technology. Two of those machines are already successfully operating in the factory, the rest are scheduled to be installed by the end of 2013.

Our potential customers are welcome to come visit our facilities and see the operation.