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About us

Applied Sapphire Ltd.

Applied Sapphire Ltd., formerly known as Applied Ceramics (Israel) Ltd., was a part of the world-wide group Applied Ceramics USA, Applied Ceramics Europe, Applied Ceramics Taiwan and Applied Ceramics Japan, which comprises a consortium of manufacturers producing a wide range of high-tech ceramics. Applied Ceramics (Israel) Ltd. was established in 2002 by Dr. Michael Zusman and Mr. Alexander Israeli.

As of today, Applied Sapphire Ltd. is a part of Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group, Owned by Dr. Michael Zusman.

Applied Sapphire Ltd. is located at the south of Israel, in the High-Tech Park of Omer (5 miles from Beer-Sheva). The facility, owned by Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group, comprises 3,000 square meters of production premises, QA laboratories and offices.

Applied Sapphire Ltd. operates as an independent company in the Sapphire Market. The Company is led by Dr. Michael Zusman as CEO, and Alissa Kvyat-Bochlin as Marketing and Operations Manager.

Applied Sapphire Ltd. is recognized among the top 200 exporters in the country, and is a member of The Manufacturers Association of Israel.

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We work with customers all around the world, here’s some of their feedback:

“Great supplier to work with!”
“Unlike any other supplier”
“Rapid and professional”
“Develops process to fit our needs”
“Very good support and products. Thank you.”
“Extremely professional and cooperative.”
“Working together to solve issues”

Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group

Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group owns and manages commercial real estate, solar energy stations, Sapphire crystals growth and manufacturing, as well as government-supported research and development projects. 

Among its various investments, Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group has released its very own wine – a dream come true for the two entrepreneurs. The wine was produced according to fine French tradition in a private cellar in Omer High-Tech Park, Israel. Every bottle is marked and numbered. The origin of the wine’s name is a Hebrew word which means ‘Jewels’, and the five letters that make up the Hebrew word are derived from the names of Michael’s daughters and Alex’s sons: Adi, Amit, Daniel, Yonatan and Michal.

Dr. Michael Zusman

Owner & CEO

Dr. Michael Zusman

Owner & CEO
With a Ph.D. in Applied Physics (MHD), Michael has published more than 20 articles in scientific journals and has a few registered patents to his name. Dr. Zusman is a long-time scientist and entrepreneur in various optics, electro-optics and precise mechanics fields.

Alissa Kvyat-Bochlin

Marketing & Operations Manager

Alissa Kvyat-Bochlin

Marketing & Operations Manager
A key addition to the Isra-Bit Ceramics Industries Ltd. Group. After finishing her B.A. in Psychology and Management, Alissa joined The Company in 2011 as Marketing and Logistics Manager, taking on more and more development opportunities in order to maximize The Company’s full potential in various areas. After completing her M.B.A, Alissa began to represent The Company as a Board Member of The Manufacturers Association of Israel.

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