Sapphire Typical Applications

Applied Sapphire Ltd. produces and supplies a wide range of Sapphire semi-finished/ blanks and completely finished products. The product line includes standard, as well as custom-made distinctive products produced according to our proprietary technology enabling growth of irregular designs without imposing extra processing steps of cutting and polishing.

Sapphire Windows

  • Bullet & Explosion proof windows for military/security applications
  • High temperature/ high pressure windows for boilers and reactors
  • Sight glasses for high-temperature/pressure furnaces
  • Sight glasses for semiconductor production equipment
  • Sight glasses for vacuum containers 
  • Erosion resistance in salt and blowing sand environments, Sapphire is used in conventional windows and dome shapes in replacement of softer, more fragile IR transmitting materials.
  • Missile Domes
  • Cooling plates for LCD projectors
  • Thermocouple protector plates
  • Light guides - Sapphire rods are used in high temperature thermometry beyond the range of quartz optics.
  • Sapphire laser caps - window material for airtight packages, which protects semiconductor laser devices from degradation. Sapphire laser caps are used in systems that need high reliability, including submarine optical communications systems.
  • Submarines
  • FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) windows for sensors and other optics.
  • Endoscope lenses.
  • Cosmetic surgery lenses
  • Lenses
  • Optical components: lenses, prisms and other laser and infrared optics.
  • Military mid-wave infra-red window (MWIR). MWIR detector systems are crucial components that are used for applications including radiometry, guidance, gas analysis, medicine, etc.
  • Xenon lamp windows
  • Mass spectroscopy, ICAP, Sapphire replaces quart ware to improve durability and reduce contamination while offering good UV transmission
  • Infra-red permeation windows (gas sensors and fire sensors) 
  • Insulator plates, tips and rods
  • Optical R-processed prisms 
  • Precision balls for optical and industrial applications, ball lenses
  • Barcode scanner wand tip assemblies
  • Custom Sapphire rods
  • Countermeasures lamps - Sapphire flash lamps are used in IRCM's (Infra-red countermeasures).
  • High class watch glasses

  • Surgical Laser tips
  • Balls and seats with extraordinary tribology properties
  • NMR tubes
  • Coin sensors
  • Substrates

  1. Sapphire substrates are used to grow III-V and II-VI compounds such as GaN for blue LED and laser diodes. In addition, it is useful for infra-red detector applications. 
  2. Sapphire substrates provide a uniform dielectric constant and high insulation for hybrid microelectronic applications. High Tech superconductors can be grown with A-plane Sapphire substrates.
  3. Sapphire substrates are used for the hetero-epitaxial deposition of silicon for microelectronic IC applications. Sapphire is an excellent choice for hybrid substrates such as microwave IC's because of its high dielectric constant. In addition, when filmed with an epitaxial silicon process, high speed IC and pressure transducers can be created.
  4. Growing thallium, other superconducting components, high impedance resistors, and GaAs are other applications.